Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Great Coffee = Great Opportunity

Fellow Coffee Lovers! Great opportunity here:

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Reserve Your Cup!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Coffee Tip: Vanilla Cinnamon Coffee (When there's no dunks)

No big secret really. It's more of a confession than a tip I guess.

Sometimes, I like to add vanilla extract to the grind before I brew...and also, just to foofoo it up a little more, sometimes I even add some cinnamon.

The aroma is very therapeutic. And if you want to effin make fun of me for it, I understand. I don't care, but I understand.

Truth is, it's just an attempt to make it as good as one of my all time favorites, Dunkin Donuts Coffee. Why they don't do it here in L.A. like they do it on the east coast, I don't know. I miss Dunks, but it's awesome that you can find it at some grocery stores now, and it's even more awesome that you can get a big ol' bag of it online anytime you want:

Dunkin' Donuts® French Vanilla Ground Coffee - 40 Oz.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Coffee Table, Coffee Table Book and Building a Coffee Table

Coffee Table Books
This is a must have for any coffee table owner.  It's important to switch up your coffee table entertainment for your guests.  Most people have the same people over regularly, why not give them something to talk about?

The Coffee Table, Coffee Table Book
So this first one is one of my favorites simply for it's title.  It's a book about coffee tables (yes, Kramer had the same idea on Seinfeld, but this one does not turn into a coffee table), and it's what they commonly refer to as a "coffee table" style book...one that is a funny conversation starter...or easy and smart guest entertainer...just sitting there waiting for someone to chuckle at the pun.

The book itself is a beautiful piece of work.  The subject is what it is, a book about different coffee tables.  They are not celebrity coffee tables, or gimicky, just a straight-forward book about tables used to hold a coffee mug.
The Coffee Table, Coffee Table Book

Coffee Table Quotes

As far as a book that does the job for which it is designed, you can't get much more to the point than this.

This book is really quite impressive.  The quotes span a wide variety of subjects from philosophy to trends.  And once again "coffee table" is in the title, so that in itself will also get a smile most of the time.

Planet Earth: As You've Never Seen It Before
Hands down, the best coffee table book that has ever been on my coffee table. Everyone who has picked it up agrees that THE PICTURES ARE STUNNING. Without a doubt some of the most beautiful and captivating photos of our amazing planet. A sure way to take up 10 minutes to 2 hours of your time. Fascinating.
Planet Earth: As You've Never Seen It BeforePhotography Collections, Catalogues & Exhibitions Books)

Building A Coffee Table
I've been wanting to build a coffee table for awhile and found this downloadable working plan for a
Glass-Topped Coffee Table: Downloadable Woodworking Plan

Of course, this is not something I have just started thinking about.  I've had this book for almost 10 years now:

Creating Coffee Tables: An Artistic Approach (Schiffer Book for Woodworkers)

It's an inspiring book for a lazy hobbyist like myself and also a decent conversation piece.  It really is more for the Professional or at least, well-equipped amateur woodworker.  But there are some really beautiful pieces in there.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vivint Gives Back: Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood (VOTE PLEASE!)

The great thing about the internet is how easy it makes it to exchange thoughts and money.

You don't have to write a check and put a stamp on an envelope, you just have to 'click'.

There are tons of charities that are receiving more assistance than ever before and it's because of amazing programs like the one vivint is running now.

When all you have to do is click, it just doesn't get much easier than that...until they have an app that lets you think money to people...where is that app?

Anyway, I'm asking all my friends and readers to take a moment and help a charity close to my heart receive some much needed funding through this great program.

Help AHC: http://www.vivint.com/givesbackproject/charity/57

Go ahead, you can do it...just click.

For less effort than it takes to make your coffee in the morning you can make a real difference in someone's life...