Tuesday, July 28, 2009

French Press

No, I am not reffering to the "Surrender Monthly" when I speak of the French Press. Unfortunately I am referring to one of the simplest and truest forms of brewing good coffee. Don't be put off by the French label...I'm pretty sure people around the world have been brewing the oil of the gods like this since they decided it was better than eating the beans whole.

Bodum Young Press Coffee Press (10096-364)

The French Press simply makes it easier to keep the grounds out of your teeth. Now if they could come up with something to keep the short n curly's out of my teeth ...something about them French whores...they love them some effin bush.

Anyway, I was imPRESSED with how well it brings out the flavor of the bean. We all know that paper filters tend to filter more than just the grounds. The mesh filters in a drip machine are better for the overall taste (and of course, easier to effin clean), but letting them grounds just sit there in that piping hot water for 3 to 4 minutes really opens up that bouquet.

You can find a decent press for around $20 to $40. These will have a glass caraffe and some plastic parts. If you want to get lazy about it, get a large one, with a thermos to keep the extra coffee in after. I tend to just keep the tea pot full and on the stove ...4 minutes to boil, 4 minutes to brew and that lasts me a couple hours until I'm going again.

Speaking of which, don't be surprised if you feel the need to visit the loo soon after your first cup of French Press coffee. With a more robust flavor comes a looser bowel somehow. Maybe it's just me...or maybe that's why those French tend to give up so easily...they had to "go".