Sunday, July 26, 2009

Harmony Bay Hazelnut Creme Coffee

Lost my email and password for a while --a year and an effin week-- but then I woke up this morning and remembered it. So I'm effin back.

Been drinking coffee a lot still, as effing usual. Still love it too.

Okay, here's my latest. The Harmony Bay Hazelnut Creme Coffee is effing awesome...if you're a chick or not much of a real strong coffee drinker.

But it's tasty and if you make it twice as strong, it doesn't get bitter, just better.

If you couple this with a vanilla creamer, you might look like a pussy, but it will be delicious. So, do so at your own risk...pussy.

Speaking of which, don't forget to check out the effing OG Coffee Freak thongs.