Wednesday, April 20, 2011

About The and Why I Want To Raise Awareness For Them

My little sister grew up with Alternating Hemiplegia. It only appears to affect 1 in about a million people and if you look at it that way, she's pretty lucky. As I write this, she is the oldest known individual with alternating hemiplegia and has been a constant source of encouragement to everyone around her.

As a hobby, I write a blog -- I share thoughts about coffee, review coffee, review coffee places etc. Just a way for me to write creatively from time to time. I am using my profits from the ad revenue on my blog and the merchandise from the store ( ) to support this foundation that is dedicated to help other people like my sister.

If you'd like to know more or donate directly to the organization, feel free to do so.

PLEASE NOTE: I have no official relationship with the organization. I am not a spokesperson or a sponsor or in any way affiliated with them personally or professionally. I just want to help raise awareness for the work they are doing.