Friday, April 29, 2011

Stock Up on the Other Black Gold - Prices Rise!!

Not sure if you noticed last month...but Maxwell House went up 22% in the marketplace...not the stock value, the cost.

Weather plays a big role in prices around the world...not just coffee obviously, any type of farming of crops is subject to mother nature, the bitch that she can be...corn, cotton, etc.

But everyone is looking at Brazil these days and wondering if the projected cold spell coming up from the south pole is going to legitimize the hedge funds that are hiking up the coffee prices around the world.

It's enough to drive a coffee freak to wonder if he needs to start rationing his precious commodity. Start cutting off the wife after the first cup...start offering water to house guests and charging for coffee...just to cover the cost.

I already have started leaving mugs of coffee around the house...behind the toilet paper, under the kitchen sink, in the old draino bottle...

Just some words of wisdom from the OG Coffee Freak.

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