Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Do I REALLY Support the GoodWill will with my sales? Yes, but not anymore.

Someone asked me if I really send half of all profits from my cafepress sales to the goodwill.

The answer is YES!

However, I have never sold anything from the cafe press store until recently. I made $2 from a t-shirt sale and yesterday I dropped a buck in the donation jar at the good will store.

If by some freakish chance I suddenly sold more, I would probably write a check, but until then, that seems to be the easiest method of money transfer for me since I do all of my shirt and pineapple-print dress coat shopping there.

UPDATE: I have decided to change the charity for the profits from the shop to something a bit more personal. I will elaborate more in a following post. However, the organization is AHCkids.org