Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mocha Dan's Espresso - A Staple of Fairbanks Living

Yes, another review of a coffee place in Fairbanks, Alaska.

More than one place really since they now have more than one location.

Mocha Dan's started out as just one drive-through espresso shack off of Geist Road in Fairbanks. But not just any ol' espresso shack. Dan Meyer was the very first to convince the population of the Interior that this business model would work in the Fairbanks environment.

Since it first opened in the early 90's Mocha Dan's has become a beloved local brand as well as a pioneer in the drive-through business market in the Fairbanks area. You can always count on a good consistent drink quickly as well as an affordable tasty treat to go along with the smile they throw in for free.

They love coffee too...each and every employee I encountered during my years in Fairbanks loved their job and even an old grump like me can't help but appreciate a nice smile from a fellow coffee lover.

It's technically not listed on the google map at the time I'm posting this, but if you're ever in the Fairbanks Area check it out, I pinpointed it here:

Click here to find it on the map in Fairbanks, Alaska.

I miss me a mocha dan banana nut mocha like I miss waking up with no aches and pains. The good ol days.